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Phoenix Accounting and Payroll Option Packages

Phoenix Accounting offers option packages designed to meet industry-specific needs.

Option Abbreviations

BC - Barcode

CRM - Customer Relationship Manager

MICR - Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

TC - Time Card

PM - Property Management

JT - Job Tracking

POS - Point of Sale

Payroll MICR (Professional Payroll, MICR)

Are checks getting too costly? Want to save money? With Payroll MICR you can now print payroll checks using your own printer and blank check stock. Saves money on purchasing costly pre-printed checks. Upgrade now and get 100 FREE blank checks to start with.

Payroll Plus (Professional Payroll, MICR, TC)

A complete and comprehensive payroll system that provides powerful payroll reports AND the ability to track employee hours. Saves money on purchasing an actual time clock system and turns your computer into a time clock. In addition, payroll users can also print magnetically encoded checks using blank check stock. FREE 100 blank checks with upgrade.

Accounting MICR (Professional Accounting & MICR)

Are pre-printed payroll and accounts checks getting too costly? Would you like to save dollars on printing those checks? Phoenix Accounting MICR is great way to reduce your costs. With our powerful, detailed accounting system, you can now save money by purchasing blank check stock and printing directly from the Professional Accounting program. No more paying a high premium for those custom pre-printed checks. Act now and save. Free 100 blank checks with upgrade to Phoenix Accounting MICR.

Accounting Plus (Professional Accounting, MICR, TC, Free CRM)

Looking for a more complete and comprehensive accounting solution for your bookkeeping? Our Accounting Plus option package provides more functionality and additional report features. Accountants and non-accountants can now generate P&L reports, Balance Sheets, track clock-in clock-out hours, print laser checks on blank check stock, and more. With more flexibility and comprehensive business reports, you can now make more cost effective decisions and improve productivity.

Accounting Retail (Professional Accounting, POS, BC, Free CRM)

Are you in need of a system that can track activity and provide detailed reports for sales, inventory, and accounting needs? Our Accounting Retail option comes with our full Professional Accounting, Bar Code, Point-of-Sale, and CRM modules. This option package is designed for retail stores, warehouses, restaurants, supermarkets, and many other types of businesses that need the ability to scan and track inventory, track customers, and to provide detailed tracking on costs of inventory and productivity. With Accounting Retail in place, you can make your decisions with confidence.

Accounting Property Management (Professional Accounting, PM, MICR, Free CRM)

Want to track who has paid rent or what maintenance has been done on certain properties? Are you in need of reports to improve your control of operations costs? Accounting Property Management comes with our full Professional Accounting, Property Management, and MICR Modules. This system is specifically designed for property owners, real estate agents, brokers, landlords, and more. With the built-in comprehensive accounting system, ability to track rent payments, jobs done on each property, tenants and more, users can now track all records of your properties and handle accounting needs all under one program.

Accounting for Contractors (Professional Accounting, JT, MICR, Free CRM)

Want to control your expenses and better manage your projects and jobs? Our Accounting for Contractors comes with our fully robust accounting system, Job tracking, and MICR Modules. With the complete accounting package, the ability to track specific jobs, print W-2s, 1099's & 1096 worksheet and more, you can bring a high degree of control to your contracting business.

Accounting Deluxe (Professional Accounting, BC, POS, MICR, TC, PM, JT, CRM)

Phoenix Accounting Deluxe is a comprehensive solution for all your accounting and payroll needs, providing features such as: the ability to control multiple companies, user level access controls, progressive billing, payroll, inventory, and a wide variety of accounting and analytical extensive reports.

All of our option packages are available for multi-user environment.

Contact your Phoenix Accounting Sales Professional for pricing and for information about our value priced Option Packages.